20 April 2013

Long Time No See

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Almost 5 months i dont play with this boy
Sorry, Tsubaki m(_  _)m

<3 <3

17 April 2013

In The Moonlight

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This dress arrived at Willy's about 2 days ago but i received it today because of homework >___<
I bought this dress specially just for Rina XD 

Rina's selca :p
Thanks for looking \(^  ^)/

10 April 2013

Maid Swimsuit

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finally the last long waiting package arrived this morning!


08 April 2013

Volks - YoSD Kanon & Soom - Beyla Box Opening

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I bought them together from the same seller ^^
I named Volks Kanon as Sumire means violet "honesty".
and Soom Beyla as Rindou means Bellflower (Gentian) "gratitude".

i have a plan to adopt another Beyla as Rindou's twins brother and name him as Kikyou that also means Bellflower =) hope i will find one someday.

she got little teeth <3

Sumire and Rindou

cute hand >.<

all my tinies now xD
Thanks for looking~

31 March 2013

Classic Beauty

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Thanks for looking ^^~

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